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口语汉语 (kǒuyǔ hànyǔ) - Spoken Chinese

Spoken Chinese

The fastest way to improve your spoken Chinese is to get lots of practice speaking Chinese! Our Spoken Chinese classes aim to help you do just that. We strongly believe that the student should do most of the talking during class and do our best to maximize student talk-time.

Before your classes start, we will assess your current level and discuss your learning goals so we can tailor the classes to your specific needs. For beginners and elementary-level students, we have produced our own in-house materials which will introduce you to the language in a systematic way as well as prepare you for all the common language situations you are likely to encounter in your daily life here in China. For intermediate and advanced students, we have a selection of materials to help increase your vocabulary and practice speaking on a wide variety of more advanced and abstract topics. Of course, if you already have your own materials that you like and are comfortable with, that’s fine too.

Depending on your needs, we will use different strategies and activities will help students focus on both language fluency and accuracy. Some examples of fluency-based activities would be:

  • discussing and expressing opinions on a topic
  • role-playing a situation you might encounter in your daily life or at work
  • small-talk at the start of the class

These types of activities will help you improve your fluency – something that can only be done through practice!

Examples of accuracy-based activities include:

  • pronunciation drills (for example practicing different tone combinations or reading a vocabulary list)
  • practicing grammar structures (we feel it’s best to learn by examples rather than teaching a lot of theory)
  • asking and answering simple questions accurately

During these types of activities, your teacher will focus more on error correction, helping you to improve your pronunciation and grammar.

We encourage you to try a free trial class to see how we can help you achieve your speaking goals.


Package A Package B Package C Package D
Hours 20 40 70 100
Price per Class 132 RMB 127 RMB 121 RMB 119 RMB
Package Price 2640 RMB 5080 RMB 8470 RMB 11900 RMB

How to apply:

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