Skype Mandarin Classes
在线学习 (zàixiàn xuéxí) - Online study

Skype Classes

  • Are you leaving China and returning to your home country?
  • Are you not in Beijing any more?
  • Are you preparing for a stint in China?
  • Does it cost a fortune to learn Chinese in your own country?

If so, you there's no need to worry anymore. We can provide classes for you here from Beijing no matter where in the world you are. Our Skype classes are the next best thing to physical face-to-face classes, as you can see your teacher and get other visual clues to aid your learning.

Like with all our one-on-one classes, we will work with you to tailor a study plan especially for you. You will get the most professional online teaching from our qualified native-Chinese speakers all at a reasonable price. All you need is a computer and a Skype account.

What to do...

Follow these simple steps to get started with your classes in no time:

Get in touch

If you're interested in taking our Skype classes, please contact us by email at or by adding our Skype ID: joymandarincenter.

One of our teachers will get back to you and arrange a short chat in order to establish your current Chinese level and your learning goals. After that we'll arrange a time for your free trial class.

Try it out

Once we've established your level and requirements, we'll arrange a free trial class at a time of your choice so you can get a feel for what our classes our like before you make a decision.

Like it!

If you're satisfied with the trial class, it's time book your classes. All our one-on-one Skype classes are only US$15 a lesson. You choose the time, and we'll provide the teacher.

Get it!

We offer the following payment methods for Skype class:

  • EMS (7% transaction fee)
  • China Merchants Bank (4% transaction fee)
  • PayPal (5% transaction fee)

You're ready to go!

Enjoy your classes!


(Prices for Skype classes are in US dollars)

Package A Package B Package C Package D
Frequency 2 classes/week 3 classses/week 4 classes/week 5+ classes/week
Price per Class $20 $19 $17 $16
Package Price $40/week $57/week $68/week $80/week