One-on-one Chinese classes
一对一 (yī duì yī) - One-on-one

One-on-One Classes

One-on-one classes are the most efficient way to make fast progress with your Chinese. This is because you get to spend the majority of your class time practicing your Chinese (and the rest of the time listening to the Chinese spoken by your teacher).

Another big advantage of taking one-on-one classes is that you get to choose what you want to study. Our teachers will help design a personalized learning program to suit your current Chinese level, your learning goals and the specific language situations that you need to practice to help in your daily life.

You can choose to take classes in our school, at your home or office or at any other place of your choice.


Package A Package B Package C Package D Package E
Hours 10 20 40 70 100+
Price per Class 135 RMB 129 RMB 125 RMB 117 RMB 112 RMB
Package Price 1350 RMB 2580 RMB 5000 RMB 8190 RMB 11200 RMB

How to apply:

You can apply for a free trial class by: