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Building 5 - The green one
Building 5, Soho Xiandai Cheng (The green one!)
Joy Mandarin Center
1704 (17th floor)
Building 5
Soho Xiandai Cheng
88 Jianguo Lu
Chaoyang District

Chinese address:

现代城西路SOHO Xiandai ChengSOHO 现代城Xi Dawang Lu通惠河北路Tonghuihe Bei Lu现代城中路现代城Xiandai ChengDHGateAXiandai Cheng Zhong LuDawang Lu subway(Line 14)Building3We are Here!COxfordBabyKindergarten小牛津双语幼儿园Building 5B八王坟南八王坟西光辉桥西Building4Building1Building2Building5Building6京通快速路Dawang Lu subway(Line 1)大望路BCDXiandai Cheng Xi LuAJianguo LuJianguo LuGateGateAA建国路建国路大望路现代城西路西大望路GateRoom 1704 (17th floor)

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By Taxi:

The easiest way is to ask for Xiandaicheng Middle Road(现代城中路 - xiàn dài chéng zhōng lù). All taxi drivers should know it. The name of our community in Chinese is SOHO现代城 (SOHO xiàn dài chéng ).

By Subway:

We’re just a few minutes’ walk from Dawang Lu (大望路) subway station, which you can reach by Line 1 or Line 14 (find a subway map here). When you get there, go out from Exit B.

From Exit B, as soon as you exit the station turn right and walk to the end of the building. Then, turn right and make your way to xiàn dài chéng zhōng lù (现代城中路).

Across the road, you’ll see a gate leading into xiàn dài chéng (现代城) - our community. Pass through the gate and keep walking straight ahead until the end of the small road. Turn right here and head towards the green-colored building – which is building 5. We are on the 17th floor of building 5 in room 1704.

By Bus:

There are four bus stops (公交站 - gōngjiāo zhàn) within a few minutes' walk of our school. Bus routes in China all use the characer 路 (lù), so bus number 1 in Chinese would be 1路 (yí lù).

A: 八王坟西 (bā wáng fén xī) to the north (stops A on the map)
Busses:   1路, 11路, 57路, 58路, 312路, 502路, 626路, 647路, 648路, 666路, 667路, 668路, 669路, 811路, 812路, 976路

See routes on Baidu maps

B: 现代城西路 (xiàndài chéng xīlù) to the west (stop B on the map)
Busses:   专165路 See route on Baidu maps

C: 八王坟南 (bā wáng fén nán) to the east (stop C on the map)
Busses:   11路, 30路, 31路, 54路, 486路, 595路, 605路, 621路, 677路, 973路, 985路, 专165路

See routes on Baidu maps

D: 光辉桥西 (guāng huī qiáo xī) to the south (stop D on the map)
Busses:   专165路 See route on Baidu maps