Kids' Chinese classes
儿童课程 (értóng kèchéng) - Kids' classes

Kids' Classes

Our kids' Chinese Courses are designed to cater for kids from 5-12 years old and are based on the children's personalities and their hobbies.

This Chinese course helps kids learn Chinese through playing games, reading stories, listening to music and discussing fun topics of interest to their age group. Many pictures and real objects are used frequently in the class to retain children's interest and satisfy their inquisitive minds.

We have tailor-made course materials and will produce a personalized study plan based on each child's hobbies, age and language ability. Our class levels range from Beginner Level to Advanced level, which can help your kids achieve their Chinese learning goals step by step.

Kids' Course Subjects:

  1. Regular Chinese lessons for Kids.
  2. Chinese character lessons for Kids.
  3. YCT (Young Learner Chinese Test) Test Preparation Courses.
  4. HSK (Level1-Level 3) Test Preparation Courses.
  5. Learn Chinese through songs/cartoons/Chinese stories.

The Kids' Course is very flexible - private classes can be held at our center, your home or via Skype any time from 8:00am to 9:00pm.


Package A Package B Package C Package D
Hours 35 60 80 100
Price per Class 105 RMB 99 RMB 95 RMB 92 RMB
Package Price 3675 RMB 5940 RMB 7600 RMB 9200 RMB

How to apply:

You can apply for a free trial class by: