Business Chinese Classes
商务汉语 (shāngwù hànyǔ) - Business Chinese

Business Chinese

With the growth and development of China's economy, more and more foreigners are aware that speaking Chinese is an important means to find a better job. Therefore, our business Chinese course is aim to improve your business Chinese level and improve your competitiveness.

Our business class is different from the oral course, more emphasis on professional spoken language and professional environment,We have professional business Chinese teachers, professional teaching materials and professional methods.

If you want to improve your business Chinese level and job competitiveness,our business course is your best choice.


Package A Package B Package C Package D
Hours 35 60 80 100
Price per Class 130 RMB 125 RMB 119 RMB 112 RMB
Package Price 4550 RMB 7500 RMB 9520 RMB 11200 RMB

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